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Yanaihara Institute Inc. is located around the foot of Mount Fuji (world heritage list as a cultural site, the symbol mount of Japan) which is famous in its spring water and natural circumstances. It was founded by the company’s first president, Dr. Noboru Yanaihara in 1995. Dr Yanaihara was graduated from pharmaceutical department, school of medicine, Osaka University in 1953 and earned his master’s degree in graduate school of pharmaceutical science at same university. He started his research in peptide hormone at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA from 1959-1962, and from 1965-1967. After Dr. Yanaihara return to Japan, he became the professor of University of Shizuoka School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Yanaihara Institute Inc. is a high-tech enterprise that produces antibody products and enzyme-linked immunoassay kits (EIA or ELISA kit). Such technology is being utilized for the identification and analysis of biomarker, or explanation of many unknown proteins. Yanaihara is able to offer a complete range of services from antibody production to assay system development. Custom-order antibody production (including polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody), custom-order immunoassay method establishment, custom-order immunoassay measurement by our products or other manufacturers. Research development and selling of antibody or enzyme immunoassay kits for various kinds of biomarker and chemical substances.

Yanaihara Institute Inc. has already developed more than 30 enzyme-linked immunoassay kits (EIA or ELISA kit) for the biotechnological market of the world. Our enterprise’s policy is to develop products (antibody and immunoassay kits) that are differentiated by their extremely high sensitivity and specificity, and already get good reputation for its products internationally.

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