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MIN6 Is Not a Pure Beta Cell Line but a Mixed Cell Line with Other Pancreatic Endocrine Hormones.(Free Article)

Koji NAKASHIMA, Yukiko KANDA, Yasushi HIROKAWA, Fumiko KAWASAKI, Michihiro MATSUKI, Kohei KAKU.

Endocrine Journal, Vol. 56 (2009) No. 1 P 45-53

MIN6 cells retains glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) as isolated islets. We comprehensively evaluated the gene expression and production of other islet hormones in MIN6 cells. Islet hormones were demonstrated by immunohistochemical staining and measured by ELISA. The gene expression profiles of MIN6 cells were compared with those in the mouse islets obtained by the laser capture micro-dissection (LCM). MIN6 cells excreted insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and ghrelin. They expressed mRNAs of insulin I and II, proglucagon, somatostatin, pancreatic polypeptide (PP) and ghrelin which were shown in the mouse pancreatic islet core and periphery obtained by LCM. A variety of genes closely related to the islet hormone producing cells were expressed in MIN6. Confocal laser scanning microscopy revealed that MIN6 cells included not only insulin positive cells but also insulin and glucagon or somatostin double positive cells. Glucagon, somatostatin and ghrelin were detectable in the culture medium. The present study clearly demonstrated that MIN6 produce pancreatic endocrine cells. It would be possible to use this cell line as a model to research the development, cell differentiation and function of pancreatic islets.